Updated: Nov 27, 2018

In order for you to transition into a sales career where you can utilize all of the sales strategies, presentations and techniques you will learn in the Academy you must have a clear understanding of the sales process.

The sales process can be defined in many complex ways but what we find is that the simplest parts of the process, are where agents typically struggle. So for the purpose of this exercise we will define that sales process as being broken down into four simple steps.

  • The first step would be “Getting in the Door”.

  • The second step is “Gathering the facts”.

  • The third step is “Deciding on your Presentation”.

  • And the fourth step is “Closing the Sale”

Generally agents will tell us that some of these steps are more difficult than others. We do several live training seminars across the country every year and when we hold these events, oftentimes, we’ll ask agents to take out a pen and paper and write down these four simple steps. We then ask agents to put them in order of their own personal difficulty with number one being the most difficult and number four being the easiest.

This exercise gives us a snapshot of where most agents are at in their sales career. The training we provide is JLS Sales Academy will enable you to develop your sales process and become a senior market sales master.

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