Clarifying, understanding, and connecting to the mission of one’s work adds purpose and meaning to that work. 
How do you convey what you do and your connection to it?


A trusting environment supports success, allowing for balance and productivity in the workplace. What will be different in your workplace when communication and the environment are based on trust?


Each stage of life presents opportunities to build the life and the legacy you want.

How do you articulate your personal, professional, or philanthropic legacy and the life you want?


What Is Executive Coaching?
The earliest meaning of the word coach derives from the word carriage, which carried people from place to place. The origin of using the word coach in sports goes back to the mid-1800’s. I like the following definition of the modern day “coach” from Keith Webb’s article, “Why the Origin of the Word “Coach” Matters”,  because it takes us right back to the carriage:

I define coaching as: an ongoing intentional conversation that empowers a person or group to fully live out their calling. In practice,

  • A coach focuses on the agenda of the client. The client decides which goals or problems to work on, not the coach.

  • A coach uses powerful questions to generate new learning. The coach does not teach or advise, but asks questions and listens.

  • A coach encourages action. The client develops his or her own action steps, not the assignments of the coach.

  • A coach supports change.  A coach follows-up to support personal learning, growth, and change.


Through ongoing conversations, coaches facilitate personal growth and goal attainment quicker, easier, and more comfortably than going it alone. Clients are figuratively “carried” to their desired result by the coaching process. That’s what “coach” really means.’

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