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Jerry L. Smith is the founder of JLS Sales Academy. The systems, tools and resources we teach agents to use were created by him during his career as a personal producing agent.


His story didn't start as some master salesman and industry high flyer. Although, with the millions of dollars in commission he has earned as a personal producer you would almost think it should. The simple truth is he almost didn't enter the industry at all. It was only when he began to think his way through the business that he began to win. He applied his drive, determination and strategic mind learned from his younger years of playing and winning chess tournaments throughout the midwest to the process of strategically helping his clients.

Over the years his industry knowledge and unique skill set has become well known throughout the senior insurance industry. To the point that marketing companies and insurance carriers have partnered with JLS Sales Academy to provide the industry standard in sales training and management to their agents.

His current projects include managing:

  • JLS Sales Academy projects

  • Various Author projects including his latest title, "CHECKMATE - Beat the myths and win the game!"

  • Speaking engagements & live training events

  • 3 Captive agencies

  • 2 National marketing companies

  • I.T. and Video production projects for multiple marketing companies and insurance carriers

  • Distribution channel management for insurance carriers

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