jls story


JLS Sales Academy is the creation of Founder Jerry Smith. Through JLS Sales Academy we show agents how to engage prospects and clients on a wide range of products. We utilize our 26 Scenarios sales system to fact find and educate these consumers about potential financial risks then offering them solutions to these problems. 

The JLS story began in the early 80's when Mr. Smith entered the insurance industry selling Long-Term Care insurance. By the young age of 32 Mr. Smith was earning a 7-Figure pay check annually from his own personal production. He had done what so few have been able to do in the senior market. He mastered his trade, increased his product portfolio so that he could solve a wide range of problems and developed his selling system. This selling system allowed him to accumulate award after award as a top producer. 

For 15 years Mr. Smith averaged at least 7-Figures utilizing these systems and processes. He has trained hundreds of agents accross the country and now this system is being made available not just to the elite of the industry but to you.

We look forward to helping you reach for your full potential.

All information is provided for agent use only. Not endorsed by any government agency or insurance company. All sales materials are generic and non company specific.

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