The 26 Scenario Game
  • The 26 Scenario Game

    What is the 26 Scenarios game? 

    It is an interactive card and dice game where you create case scenarios for mock clients. Through the course of the game you determine factors that will help you make a presentation to these mock clients allowing you to become familiar with the minimum information you need to gather in order to create a solution. Throughout this process you will also create questions that work with your presentation to help you fact find this information.


    Utilizing this game will help decrease the length of time it takes for you implement these core concepts and strategies.


    This game also comes with an upgrade to the 26 Scenarios Game called the, 'Two Pools Of Money!'


    This enhancement involves adding more information to your scenarios, where you determine asset types, amounts, client age, family demographics and much more. Utilization will help you achieve greater results FASTER!


    And finally, in order to maximize your ability to use this game successfully you have a 1 hour implementation call with Jerry Smith.