JLS DISC, Videos & Debrief Combo

This combo product includes the DISC Assessement, access to the online video series by Dr. Tony Alessandra as well as a one on one Debrief with our Executive Coach Mrs. Emily Bass.



  • Behavioral Style - The Platinum Rule
  • The Four Primary DISC Styles
  • Guarded versus Open Behaviors - Direct versus Indirect Behaviors
  • Identifying the Four DISC Styles
    • "D" Style - "I" Style - "S" Style - "C" Style
  • What is Adaptability?
    • Adapting Your Pace - Adapting Your Priority - Adapting to the "D" Style - Adapting to the "I" Style - Adapting to the "S" Style - Adapting to the "C" Style
  • Building Effective Teams
  • How the Four Styles Interact in Group Settings  - Position power versus Personal power
  • Communicating with each DISC Style
    • When You are the D and when they are the D - When You are the I and when they are the I - When You are the S and when they are the S - When you are the C and when they are the C
  • Helping each DISC style decide
  • Motivating each DISC style
  • The Five Definable stages to the Sales Cycle
    • Phase 1: The Initial Contact stage - Phase 2: The Exploring Needs stage - Phase 3: The Presenting Solutions stage - Phase 4: The Confirming the Sale stage - Phase 5: The Assuring the Customer Satisfaction stage

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