JLS Individual DISC Assessment & Video Series
  • JLS Individual DISC Assessment & Video Series


    DISC is a communication assessment tool based upon identification and adaptation of needs-motivated, observable behavior and emotion. This assessment takes into consideration many factors. It will provide you with information on your inherent communication style(known as your natural style) as well as your learned communication style (known as your nurtured or adapted style).

    Our 35 page DISC reports are as much prescriptive as they are descriptive. In other words, our DISC reports are unique because they teach users specific skills to improve their own interpersonal interactions. While our reports do go into considerable detail describing users’ natural DISC behavioral style, we believe this is really just the first step. Our reports empower users with specific recommendations unique to their individual profile. When utilized, these skills have the ability to enact powerful and demonstrable returns.


    To see significant professional and interpersonal benefit, we believe it’s important that our DISC users come away with fast, effective learning strategies that demonstrate immediate results. Results that drive the following results!​


    This online DISC Assessment will give you a tremendous amount of insight into the world of DISC. In addition this video series by Dr. Tony Alessandra will educate you on how you can utilize this program.



    • Behavioral Style - The Platinum Rule
    • The Four Primary DISC Styles
    • Guarded versus Open Behaviors - Direct versus Indirect Behaviors
    • Identifying the Four DISC Styles
      • "D" Style - "I" Style - "S" Style - "C" Style
    • What is Adaptability?
      • Adapting Your Pace - Adapting Your Priority - Adapting to the "D" Style - Adapting to the "I" Style - Adapting to the "S" Style - Adapting to the "C" Style
    • Building Effective Teams
    • How the Four Styles Interact in Group Settings  - Position power versus Personal power
    • Communicating with each DISC Style
      • When You are the D and when they are the D - When You are the I and when they are the I - When You are the S and when they are the S - When you are the C and when they are the C
    • Helping each DISC style decide
    • Motivating each DISC style
    • The Five Definable stages to the Sales Cycle
      • Phase 1: The Initial Contact stage - Phase 2: The Exploring Needs stage - Phase 3: The Presenting Solutions stage - Phase 4: The Confirming the Sale stage - Phase 5: The Assuring the Customer Satisfaction stage