The Power DISC Package can be utilized several ways. As an agency owner you can use it to teach your sales team powerful behavior profiling skills. Empower them to identify observable behaviors, then adapt their selling style to fit the customer’s buying style. 


For a marketer the Power DISC Package can be used to get to know the communication styles of your agents. You can then utilize this knowledge to form a stronger bond with them helping them thrive and succeed in the overly competitive marketplace that we work in.

You can also use Power DISC to tool for you to master your identification and adaptation skills. In this regard we would recommend you pick 2 individuals in your personal life and 2 individuals that you have work relationships with. Ask them if they would do you a favor and complete the assessment / debrief. Then in your Team Debrief you would be able to work through the process of identifying and adapting your style to theirs.



  • Behavioral Style - The Platinum Rule
  • The Four Primary DISC Styles
  • Guarded versus Open Behaviors - Direct versus Indirect Behaviors
  • Identifying the Four DISC Styles
    • "D" Style - "I" Style - "S" Style - "C" Style
  • What is Adaptability?
    • Adapting Your Pace - Adapting Your Priority - Adapting to the "D" Style - Adapting to the "I" Style - Adapting to the "S" Style - Adapting to the "C" Style
  • Building Effective Teams
  • How the Four Styles Interact in Group Settings  - Position power versus Personal power
  • Communicating with each DISC Style
    • When You are the D and when they are the D - When You are the I and when they are the I - When You are the S and when they are the S - When you are the C and when they are the C
  • Helping each DISC style decide
  • Motivating each DISC style
  • The Five Definable stages to the Sales Cycle
    • Phase 1: The Initial Contact stage - Phase 2: The Exploring Needs stage - Phase 3: The Presenting Solutions stage - Phase 4: The Confirming the Sale stage - Phase 5: The Assuring the Customer Satisfaction stage

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